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  • Buying a Home

    Questions You Should Ask a Prospective Salesperson

    It is important that the salesperson understands your needs. A good salesperson will ask the necessary questions before they start to show you homes.
    • Will you be representing my interests?
    • Do you have access to M.L.S. information?
    • Would you provide market evidence to support the price?
    • Will you look after the details to closing and possession?
    • Can you be contacted at any time?
    Sales Associate Function
    • Provide information on the property
    • Provide information on the area.
    • Negotiate a price and terms, agreeable to buyer and seller.
    • Assist in arranging a source of financing.
    Working With A Sales Associate
    Let the salesperson do the searching. The best buys are not in the newspaper ads. In fact, most opportunities are on "Hot Sheets" available every morning to salespeople with access to M.L.S. information. Once you connect with a salesperson they can do a more complete search for you. A salesperson will commit time to you if you will commit loyalty to them. If you "Play the Field" you cannot expect undivided attention.
    Buyers Contribution
    • Provide details of your property needs.
    • Describe what would be a suitable location.
    • Provide financial information.
    • Communicate your likes and dislikes on each property.
    • Commit to the salesperson.
    • Respect and perform the terms of the purchase agreement.
    Working together with a professional salesperson you respect, you should achieve that desired objective - the right home for you.
    Establishing Market Value
    Market value is based on what others have been prepared to pay for a similar property, under the same market conditions after reasonable marketing exposure. Market value is a fair price for both buyer and seller. It is what is called an "arms length" deal, and that means that there were no influences other than the market influencing the deal. You may of course pay more than established market value if your desire for the property warrants it. Conversely, you should not expect to pay less than established market value unless the property is being sold under duress.
    Qualifying For Your Mortgage
    Once you've made up your mind to buy a home, the first question that comes to mind is, "How much can I afford?" The financial aspects of buying a home do not need to be confusing. Your Royal LePage Landco Realty salesperson can arrange to have you pre-qualified for a loan before you start shopping. Most lending institutions will only allow approximately 30% of a person's income to support a mortgage. They will usually not allow more than approximately 40% of income to support a mortgage together with other debts. The amount of money you qualify for plus the amount of cash you can put down, will equal the amount you can afford to spend on a home.
    Checklist After The Purchase
    • Be sure to remember all the miscellaneous details. We want to be sure your move into your new home is a happy experience.
    • Cancel your existing insurance and arrange insurance on your new home.
    • Arrange for a mover. Phone several companies to obtain competitive estimates. Remember the end of a month is a busy time for movers, so book early.
    • Contact utilities such as Electricity, Cable T.V., Telephone, Gas, Newspapers, Water, and arrange cancellation or transfer to new address.
    • Send change of address cards to friends, relatives, banks, credit cards, subscriptions, employer, associations, etc.
    • Register children in new school and have school records transferred.
    • Arrange transfer of medical and dental records, as well as optical records and prescriptions.
    • Discard flammable liquids including paint and solvents. Movers are not allowed to carry them.
    • If moving out of province, obtain new driver's license and car registration.

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Real Estate Resources
  • Felipe Galindo California Realtor
    • Working with my team, I offer my clients double the personalized service.
    • With over 14 years of Residential Real Estate  experience.
    • Entrepreneurial spirit, conceptual thinker, and self-starter.
    • I have been a local resident all of my life.
    • My positive attitude produces positive results.
    • Hundreds and hundreds of homes sold.
    • I am committed to a successful outcome for my clients.
    • I provide the information you need to make intelligent decisions.
    • Your complete satisfaction is my reward.
    • I have an in depth knowledge of the San Fernando Valley.
    • I adapt to changing Real Estate cycles.
    • I can be reached 24/7 by pager (818) 361-7262
    • I am an advocate for continuing education in Real Estate.
    • I am a State of California Notary Public.
    • I network with top agents in the world for brainstorming new ways to service my clients.

    Tel:  1-818-266-1730

    Multi - Million Dollar Producer

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