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Our business is moving your business, office movers, business movers, commercial movers, computer movers

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California office movers.com or California business movers.com has a great reputation in commercial moves and is well equipped to handle almost any type of business move. We know that your move is as unique as your business and we've learned a special little trick, it's called listening. When we know what your business move requires, it makes your job easier. California office movers.com becomes your "moving department."

California office movers.com commercial move specialist not only gives you a competitive bid for your business's commercial move, but they also try and help you and your facilities department head plan the move itself.

Prior to day of your businesses move, California office movers.com would be in direct contact with your company's moving coordinator. Wheather they be a facilities manager, office manager, relocation manager or whomever you assign to be your company's liaison, they would be contacted by the California office movers.com Moving Commercial Move Project Manager assigned to your move. The California moving companys Commercial Move Project Manager would be happy to try and answer any concerns or questions you might have about your company's upcoming move. The California's moving companies.com Commercial Move Project Manager assigned to your account would try to listen to exactly how you want your company's move completed.

The California office movers.com Commercial Move Project Manager would try to work with you to solve the important planning questions, and try to help establish a time table for your move.

How much packing do you want your employees to do themselves? The California office movers.com Commercial Move Project Manager is available to meet with our customers employees to teach them how to pack anything you want the employees to pack themselves. Some businesses prefer California office movers.com to pack the entire business, thereby freeing up thier employees from this type of task. Other companies prefer to have their own employees pack only their own desks or work stations and still other businesses, have their employees do all the packing including packing their warehouses, libraries, file rooms, etc. If you decide to have your employees do the packing for some or all of your move, prior to the move, we can deliver the packing materials you'll require. Part of the California's moving companies.com Commercial Move Project Manager's job is to provide you with the tools to decide which is the best route for your business and best for your budget.

California office movers.com would help your business stay organized even while in transit. California moving companys.com understands your need to minimize the interruption to your daily schedule. We understand the concept of a deadline and the importance of your business being back in business as soon as possible. Our job is moving your business and doing it to the best of our abilities we know you expect the best from your employees and we hold that phillosephy for ours.

We welcome the opportunity to earn your company's business. For further details, please contact our commercial moving department.


Call Us   818- 343 - 5586


We at California office movers.com understand both your company's need to have your employee settled into their new home so they are ready to get to work in their new location and that your company needs to control costs. Who doesent, We know we need to do a great job moving your employees and their families in order to keep them happy. It's simple: If they are happy, you are happy.

We're happy then too because we know you'll be calling us again for any future moving or storage needs your company may need, as for your employees or for your business.

Perhaps you'd like to invite your employee and their family to take a look at our website/ They can get helpful information about packing tips,and they can allso receive additional information about their local move. You can trust our commitment to the top of the line of service at an affordable price. We would make sure to give you the best possible price because we know the fact that there is more than one move at issue here. For more details, please call one of our professional commercial relocation specialists. 

Office Moving Tips: 101

Notify: The utilities.

Water, gas and electricity, unless they are covered under your lease. Be sure to tell them the date on which you want the service switched. Janitorial and trash removal services. The alarm or security systems companies. If it is handled by the building management you don't have to worry about it, but if your business is contracting with a security systems company now and expects to use them in the new location they should be notified early enough to check out the new premises. The fire department, if this is not handled by the building management.

Notify: Computer and other equipment companies. Many electronic components need to be serviced by the vendor's representatives before being moved. Machines usually included in that category are:

PC's, Monitors and Servers



Fax machines

Mailing Machines

Lab Equipment

However, you may have other machinery and equipment that requires servicing for a move. You can either ask the vendor representative or your mover whether servicing is needed. A competent mover should be able to tell you whether it was necessary the last time they moved a machine like yours. Office Movers has a Technical Services Division to assist you with preparing your computer equipment for the move.

OSHA: Contact for the necessary permits.

Building Management:

A locksmith to provide you with the necessary keys, if they are not supplied by the building management. Your Insurance Company:

Remember to contact your insurance company.

The Post Office:

Let them know about your move about 1 week prior to the actual move.

The circulation departments of the papers and magazines you subscribe to. (Allow 4-6 weeks if possible.)


Allow about two weeks for the information to go through channels to the mail room. If you have suppliers who ship to you on a regular basis, you could be held responsible for re-consignment charges unless you have given ample notice of your change of address.

Your customers:

They deserve a good-looking, well-thought-out notification so that they know when you are moving, where you are moving and how you can be contacted in the future.

Remember your stationery:

Ideally, all your business forms, from letterheads to statements.

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